Iceland - Myvatn lake

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With an stop over for a sleep at Egilsstadir, we planned to drive to the Myvatn lake ("meaning of myvatn = Moskito lake") but fortunately not in winter.
The stop over was a little bit extended because I forgot to switch off the car parking light for the night...So we have a little pimped wake up on this Saturday morning, when we want to start the car for warming us up.
Because we have parked our car for sleeping outside of the village at an composting ground, we have to take a little walk to the village. But it seems that the complete village is still sleeping at these morning 7:00 o´clock...And also no bakery was found.
So it takes some time to catch an old man who was driving through the village and who fortunately have a starting cable in his car.  He drove with us together to our car and I think it was a little bit strange for him that 2 German guys standing at the street and stopped him to help us with some starting power for the car. But it works and we didn't stop the engine in the next hours.
Reaching Mytvan lake in the afternoon we decide to go to an camp ground, because we have heard that at that area the police are looking strictly for wild campers. Wild camping is not allowed anymore in iceland and in our point of view it will destroy one part of the specialities for tourist who will travel by there own and be free as much as they want.
Mytvan Lake is an very nice area with a high volcanic system of around 100km and with the 880 m high volcanic center and we spend at least 3 night at the camp ground.
Also for Ralf who have big cold since the 2nd day of our journey it was an opportunity to relax and get healthy.

It was a great time at the campground to meet also a lot of other traveller and it was a very relaxed atmosphere at the nice building at that camp ground.
On daytime after our long breakfast we visit some waterfalls the Godafoss and Dettifoss. I test also my Drohne at the volcano and due to the strong wind the drone didn't come back and has landed anywhere in the lava field, where we only roughly recognized where she goes down. 
My feeling was that we lost her, but fortunately we found her in good condition and we were happy to get minimum the captured film of the flight around the volcano on the SD card at the drone. The same was happened on the after noon when I try to let the drone go up again at the lake. She also didn't react to any signal and flew away in one direction. But when she got back, after she get the GPS again, she has to works very hard again the strong wind and found the way back...phuu !!!

And yeah...we have three nights with visible Aurora and one of the nights a group of Hungarian people have a lot of fun, when they also see their first Aurora borealis. A great show !


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